Unforgettable Digital Experiences

We believe great design can make a good idea even better.


We’re a lively and eclectic mix of people,
united by our love of technology and desire to produce exceptional digital products.

Results Driven

Your complete online presence has a specific purpose. You either want leads or customers. Our sole goal is to increase the number of happy buyers on your website. We take our work very seriously, and we really, really like to win.


We have the tools you need to build your online presence. It’s all about the right methodology, knowing what to do and in which order. Understanding the type of business you’re in, which tools are absolutely necessary and careful execution of it all.


We use an iterative, collaborative and delivery-oriented approach to project management. Our designers bring arresting visuals, intuitive UX design and thoughtful content to every project. And we take our work very seriously.


Designs 4 Dimes has been designing and building technology for nearly a decade. We’d love to list all the work we’ve done in that time, but the Internet isn’t quite big enough for a web page that long. Below, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite pieces of work. Are you interested in something you don’t see here? Just let us know, but here’s some of our stuff.

Graphic Design

Designs 4 Dimes creates design that stands out from the crowd, along with high levels of personal service and above all, delivers great end results.

Web Development

Everything starts and finishes with your website. From getting your first-time visitors to converting enough prospects to buyers, which allows your business to run smoothly.

Logo & Brand Identity pack

Craft a story for your business or product. We understand what's necessary for a successful brand identity.

We craft delightful solutions

for desktop, tablet and mobile.

We design and build solutions that brings results. The secret to our successful projects is the team. We like hard work and absolutely love big ideas. We’re passionate about our projects and always aim for perfection.

Designs 4 Dimes has been designing and building technology for nearly a decade. Our functional, multi-tenant solutions are able to streamline even complex workflows and processes.

iOS and Android Applications

We make dynamic, database-backed mobile apps that communicate seamlessly with the cloud.

Responsive and Mobile Sites

Utilising the latest responsive technologies, we ensure an optimal user experience on any device.

Enterprise Cloud Software

Our functional, multi-tenant solutions are able to streamline even complex workflows and processes.

Logo Design
Design and iterate faster

During the user experience phase of design, our goal is to cycle through ideas rapidly, in order to carry over the great ideas, and lose the not-so-great ones.
Good design is only possible with great communication

As we move through the design phase, we work hard to make sure our clients and stakeholders are 100% clear on what, and why we are doing. From explaining design fundamentals, to using the latest tools to get feedback, we are focused on ensuring the product aligns with your needs.
Only user knows what's the best.
When in doubt, test. We’re always proud of the work we do – but we know the real measure of success is a user’s experience. That’s why we like to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback from users during UX design – it’s a cost-effective way to test our assumptions and learn.


Fast and high converting website for your visitors and search engines.


We make sure that you can find and communicate your message to customers.


Unlimited support and a dedicated technical support guy


Helping you with compelling value propositions and messages for your customers


Once a site is launched, attention needs to turn to its ongoing performance and ability to compete both in terms of visibility as well as functionality and relevance.


We will find high quality images that are appropriate for your business.

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